The Foodie 500

a members-only club
for the foodies of tucson

produced by

Step up your foodie game and discover all that Tucson has to offer.Limited to 500 lucky people.

Member benefits

  • over $1,000 in gift cards from great local restaurants (like Falora, Obon and The Coronet) that love when foodies like you visit

  • get the VIP treatment - enjoy an amuse-bouche or special cocktail when you dine at select restaurants around town

  • early-access to purchase tickets to Tucson Foodie Presents dinners before they sell out

  • 1/2-off tickets to all of Tucson Foodie's ten (10) annual festivals

  • join chefs and local restaurant owners at Tucson Foodie's seasonal private industry parties

  • get one of those Tucson Foodie t-shirts everyone keeps asking about

  • one 1/2-priced companion membership for someone you love (to eat with)


  • Choose to pay annually at checkout and get two months free

"The world is waking up to how special the food and beverage scene in Tucson really is. Becoming one of the Foodie 500 is the best way to be a part of the movement rather than an observer."- Shane Reiser, CEO of Tucson Foodie



What does my Companion get?

Everything you do, from their own stack of gift cards to the t-shirt. They'll even get their own member portal login.

What's the commitment?

It's a full 12 month commitment, BUT:
- you can transfer your membership at any time to someone else to takes over payments
- if we have a waitlist, we will find someone to take over your account for you (which basically means you can cancel) :)

How do the gift cards work?

After you become a member, you'll get invited to download the Tucson Foodie app where you can access all the gift cards. When you're at a restaurant, simply open the app on your phone, show your server the gift card and press the Redeem button (or let them press it for you) and boom!Watch a video of the in-app redemption process.

Do I get the gift cards every year I'm a member?

Yep! Your gift cards are re-activated for use again every year.

What restaurants are participating?

⬇️ ⬇️ This list grows by the day: ⬇️⬇️BATA
Beaut Burger
Blue Willow
Cafe a la C'art
Cal’s Bakeshop
Dante's Fire
Frank's & Francisco's Denoche Restaurant
Ghini's French Caffe
Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery/Bistro
HighWire Tucson
Le Buzz
PY Steakhouse
Reforma Modern Mexican
Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink
Renee's Tucson
The Coronet
The Delta
The Dutch - DAM Good Food
The Royal Room
Transit Tea
Tucson Hop Shop
Tucson Tamale Company
Zio Peppe

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How does the redemption process work?

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